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   The Gang

   The Gang

Authentic, freedom loving explosives and weapons experts discuss issues in culture, science, and spirituality. Dropping quantum thought bombs that still make sense in a world that is ever expanding. Up-level your thinking on the worlds dramas with these Texans whom are into self development and airy fairy things. Or stay for the explosive action as they blow stuff up for fun, we mean in the name of science.... as they are fully licensed explosives and weapons manufacturers who had a TV show on the Discovery and hold more liberties than 99% of people on the planet.

Beth Hagendorf


Matt Barnett
Russell Hagendorf

Russell Hagendorf

beth's brother

TV Creator & Curious Host

History Buff...

  • 12 yrs in the UXO (unexploded ordnance) world

  • despises technology

  • actor & quartet singer

  • happiest grumpy guy you'll meet

  • hilariously witty

  • totally single and avail

Chemist... Explosives Dude

•  owns an explosives company

   weapons dude

•  had his own show on Discovery

    and drug Rex & Beth onto it

•  hippy at heart loves hot springs

•  owns Impresario Camp a

   transformational leadership


•  married w/ 4 kids

Futurist... Finance Guy

  • Aspiring Fungal Philosopher

  • Aspiring Vagabond

  • Bitcoin Evangelist

  • Alt coin Minimalist

  • Real Estate Investor

  • Trades All Financial Markets, product indifferent

  • totally single and avail